Good eats (Or: Rrrollend Foodtruck festival returns)

Rrrollend Foodtruck festival returned to the Malieveld this weekend.

Foodtruck Festival Rrrollend, Malieveld in The Hague

Last year I went with Roll or bowl, whereas this year I went Indian, having chicken curry with rice at Indian Roast.

Chicken curry with rice, Indian Roast

Marco had a pork burger with sweet potato:

Pork with sweet potato burger

Aquarius drinking station, Rrrollend food festival in The Hague

Aquarius – water and drink station – I theorized that the steps were a test to see if you were sober enough to order again (with one guest I wasn’t 100% sure)

Rrrollend food festival at Malieveld in The Hague

Sign at Rrrollend food festival in The Hague

Unfortunately we did not dare…

Donuts by the Rrrollend food festival in The Hague

Bailey’s donut! (and yes it tasted like Bailey’s). Also a chocolate donut with smarties (which are like chocolate m&ms. Not to be confused with American smarties candy)

Rrrrollend Foodtruck festival will be back in The Hague on the Lange Voorhout, Sept 22-24. Yum!

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