Veteranendag (Or: Veteran’s day in the Netherlands)

Today was the 14th Veteran’s day in the Netherlands, held in The Hague. (official website in Dutch). It is comprised of a parade and events at the Malieveld, a large field just outside of The Hague’s Central Station. During the parade there was also a flyover performed by the Royal Dutch Air Force, featuring both modern and historic aircraft.

Veterans Day 2018 in The Hague - soldiers

Veterans Day 2018 in The Hague - horses

Marco and I were slightly impressed that there was a cleanup crew trailing behind the horses…

Veterans Day 2018 in The Hague - motorcycles

And photos from Malieveld itself:

Veterans Day 2018 by the Malieveld - helicoptor

Everyone wants to check out the helicopter. I will admit to doing a double take at another area where they were letting people try out the (inactive) guns. 

Veterans day 2018 by the Malieveld - crowds

You can also see that the grass is all but gone in this part of the field. Which is a good time to mention that the Malieveld will be closed for two months to fix it up a bit (article in Dutch).

All in all a fun time, with lots of sun.

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