A bit of color in the city centre (Or: Chinese New Year 2019)

This past Saturday was the celebrations for Chinese New Year in The Hague. I took some photos of the “statues” that represent the holiday. Upon closer inspection, I noticed these are mostly the same statues used back in 2013 for the first Chinese New Year I attended (scroll down to the second-to-last photo).

I’ve taken some better, close-up photos of some of them this year. For example, my favorite:

with the Oude Kerk (Old Church) in the background, and a bird flying past too!

For some of them it was actually a bit hard to tell which of the 12 animals they represent, but because a few stripes on the top of this guy’s head (above), I think he might represent the year of the tiger.

Year of the ox
Year of the dragon
Not sure about this one, actually! Goat or rabbit? It’s hard to tell without a better view of the back of the head.

And two photos from the parking lot behind Bijenkorf:

Year of the rooster, year of the dog (or a fat Pluto!)

And finally, the year of the (cute) snake…

Lovely blue sky. We need more of that! Yesterday was rain, rain, and more rain (about a half a month’s worth).

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4 thoughts on “A bit of color in the city centre (Or: Chinese New Year 2019)

  1. minim mama

    Was heel leuk, maar jammer van die harde wind.

    • Ik herinner me nog steeds hoe koud ik het had in 2013. Dus in vergelijking was 2019 best wel oké, maar ja. Koud!

  2. minimama Henny

    Ja ,dat is waar .Maar wat lang geleden alweer he?

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