Flowers and sweets (Or: Marakesh bakery)

A photo taken a few months back, of a local bakery by the Holland Spoor train station, Marakesh bakery:

A very Spring-like photo, which is timely considering the weather of late. On the one hand we’ve had a few storms – storm Ciara two weekends ago and storm Dennis last weekend. In the United States these storms would be better known as winter storm Kade and winter storm Mabel. It’s interesting to think about how far these storms travel.

On the other hand the photo is ‘timely’ due to the fact that storm Dennis brought along warm temperatures, helping break the record for the warmest February 16 by 03:20 in the morning (around 56F) with temperatures in the southeast maxing out around 63F. The only problem is that the storm brought along a lot of rain and wind. The rain is luckily gone, but like the first storm the wind will hang around for a few more days.

So don’t let go of your hat just yet…

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5 thoughts on “Flowers and sweets (Or: Marakesh bakery)

  1. Storm Dennis is still wrecking havoc, we’re relatively lucky in London. Lovely picture.😀

    • The most interesting part is that the wind stays for a few days after the storm. There’s a few places in this city that we call ‘wind tunnels’, and it has been almost impossible to get through them at times. Even a few moments where my forward motion was 0 km/h, haha.

      • Oh my! According to my son, I’ve not verified it yet, the wet and windy weather will stay with us a little longer. And the wind? It’s terrible. I long for the summer, but who knows? Are we going to have it this year? It’s good to be optimistic though.😀

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