NL-Alert (Or: We really are a social bunch)

I think the word of the year for 2020 will be social distancing. Although perhaps it would be disqualified due to being two words. Check out the Dutch Wikipedia article for the history and previous winners (for best results, leave the language as Dutch and use Google translate).

The Dutch government sent an NL-Alert a half hour ago to remind people that they should keep 1.5 meter distance between themselves and the next person (around 5 feet).


It reads: Follow the instructions of the government. Keep 5 feet between you and the next person! Are you sick or do you have a cold? Stay home. Protect yourself and the people are you. We are unified against Corona. And then simply in English: keep your distance to others.

Read more about NL-Alerts at Wikipedia. The last one sent nationally was to inform citizens that the 112 service (911) was not working.

And why did the government need to send this message?

  • because people are still visiting the beach in Scheveningen (article in Dutch)
  • because people are still visiting the beach in Noordwijk or taking the train for day trips (article in Dutch)
  • because people think it’s the perfect time to do work around the house… and get materials from the local hardware store or IKEA (article in Dutch)
  • because people are still visiting Amsterdam’s Vondelpark in massive groups (article in Dutch)

There are no words…

Just in: Zandvoort and Bloemendaal are closing their beach parking lots and turning people away (article in Dutch).

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