Birthday cupcakes (Or: Delivered at a safe distance)

I am one of the lucky folks who should be celebrating a birthday during these corona times. Officially I’ve said I’ll celebrate it later in the summer (I mean come on: when will I ever have a chance to celebrate my birthday in the summer again? Who could pass up that opportunity?).

On Friday I received an email from my workplace’s HR department, wishing me a happy birthday and telling me they would be delivering cupcakes on Saturday (yesterday).

The delivery itself was anti-climatic but still tinged by the coronavirus: Someone rang the doorbell. I open the door. The box of cupcakes have been carefully left on the doormat, with the deliveree standing at the edge of the stairs at a safe distance. She points to the box, we exchange the standard pleasantries, and then she is gone again.

Cupcakes! Yum!

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2 thoughts on “Birthday cupcakes (Or: Delivered at a safe distance)

  1. minimama Henny

    mmmmmm,ziet er lekker uit en hoop dat ze lekker hebben gesmaakt? Was het creme geen slagroom????

    • Het was glazuur… ik heb niet alles opgegeten van de glazuur, anders was het veel te veel suiker! Maar de cupcake was wel lekker.

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