Stay Strong (Or: Haagse Harry signs in The Hague)

As I’ve noted previously, Haagse Harry is a comic book character created by Marnix Rueb. Here’s a statue of the character unveiled in 2014 after Rueb’s untimely death. Remember most of the text you see below is phonetically spelled in The Hague’s own dialect. I have a lot of trouble reading it, which always makes Marco laugh.

In these corona times, banners have appeared throughout the city centre from the Dutch group Fan Support Den Haag (Instagram | Facebook).

It says in the middle:

Stay strong Hagenen (The Hague residents). Anderhalve meter = 1.5 meters

The shirt on the left says Mijn hart behoort aan Den Haag = My heart belongs to The Hague

The shirt on the right says 1 team, 1 taak = 1 team, 1 task

And a banner above the Bleyenberg restaurant.

Ik wil mijn bier en vreten, dus laten we de horeca niet vergeten! = I want my beer and food, so let’s not forget the restaurants and cafés! Although ‘vreten’ is more a verb for eating, but you get the idea.

As noted last month, I love the dutch word horeca which is simply a shortened form of ‘hotels, restaurants and cafés’ (ho-re-ca).

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