Color emerges (Or: Walking through the Palace Gardens in May)

A few days ago I decided to walk through the Palace Gardens. You can see that it is getting busier, however logical that is. When I was there in late March there were only a few people around, including a man who sounded like he was coughing up a lung. I decided to not wander in his direction, I must admit.

Relaxing, isn’t it? It’s not a very big space, but it’s enough to get you away from the city, if even for a few moments.

Tighter coronavirus restrictions possible after crowds flock to parks, beaches ( Needless to say, yesterday was a very busy day due to the combination of it being a holiday (Ascension Day) and the weather being so good.

Drukte op stranden en bij het water in de regio Haaglanden (article in Dutch about how crazy it was by the beaches, at, with lots of images)

And for something completely different… Bamboekweker uit Asten zorgt voor eten veeleisende pandamoeder: ‘Eerste weken het kwetsbaarst’. This article in Dutch from talks about a bamboo producer in Asten (a town in southeast NL) who is now in charge of getting additional bamboo to the new panda mother in the Dutch Ouwehands zoo. And that isn’t their only extra order – they also ship bamboo to a Russian zoo due to the scarcity of flights between Russia and China.

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