Archways (Or: Looking towards the Muzenstraat)

Earlier today Marco and I went for a short, quick walk. One of the places we walked through was the Muzenplein (translated to something like ‘Plaza of muses’).

The archway is what caught my eye. In the distance you see Muzenstraat (‘Street of Muses’). I like the use of browns and cyans in the building facades.

In other news:

  • Strandrobot raapt peuken op in Scheveningen: Gemeente Den Haag is eerste klant from – Beach robot picks up cigarette butts in Scheveningen: The Hague government is the first customer
  • Tim Akkerman geeft toch geen concert in een vliegtuig from – Tim Akkerman won’t be giving a concert in an airplane after all. The singer from the band The Ivy League was not happy with the Dutch prime minister saying vacations to some other European countries could restart from 15 June – with every airplane seat filled – while Dutch musicians are still not allowed to give open air concerts. He said he would rent out a large plane that would stay on the ground and give a concert for 500 fans. In the end, it looked like he was just trying to wake up the government a bit to their illogical thinking
  • Vrouw rijdt met brandende auto naar tankstation langs A1 from – Woman drives her burning car to a gas station off the A1 highway. What the? Luckily gas station workers saw her coming and hit the emergency shutoff button just in time.
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