Good news (Or: Oliebollen sales start early this year!)

Are you also craving some oliebollen right now? Then I have good news for you: The Hague has said that oliebollen stands would be allowed to start selling from 1 October this year instead of the usual 1 November start date ( This is because of the corona crisis; normally oliebollen is sold throughout the year at festivals and carnivals, in addition to being sold during the winter months leading up to the big oliebollen event: New Year’s Eve. This way sellers can make up some of the money they lost this year. And maybe people just want 2020 to be over already? I can’t wait to ring in 2021 myself!

Oliebollen literally means “oil balls” and is the precursor to the doughnuts Americans know. See also the oliebol page over at the English Wikipedia. Traditionally they are sold with raisins inside, but you can also purchase them without raisins. (As Marco and Roger lament, the name changed in the last few decades: oliebol used to mean an oliebol with raisins, whereas if you wanted one without raisins you needed to specify. These days oliebollen are without raisins. and if you want an oliebol with raisins you ask for krentenbol. At least around here. Usually.)

Yum yum yum. This was last year’s batch, topped with powdered sugar. My stomach is rumbling already. Speaking of which… off to make dinner. Stay safe, everyone!

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