Farmers invade The Hague again (Or: More army blockades)

Living in The Hague has some interesting side effects. One of them is that most of the protests happen in your city. But when farmers come to The Hague to protest, they bring their tractors. Which as you can imagine causes traffic chaos. (I guess that is one of the benefits of most people working from home these days, then.) They were protesting the government’s new plans regarding farming pollution, among other topics.

Omroep West has a great article (in Dutch) with many photos: Boeren voeren weer actie in Den Haag. Or you can check out this article in English from Radical farmers drive into The Hague to protest at government regulations.

Things are going a bit better in The Netherlands, in terms of the coronavirus: New coronavirus cases at lowest point in 44 days from The Dutch government is holding a press conference at the moment to discuss the current situation, although reports have already said that it is too early to think about what the plans are for Christmas. At best we would get a loosening of restrictions for a few days around the holidays (article in Dutch at

And finally, here is an interesting article (unfortunately in Dutch) about the newest use of drones – The Hague is going to use drones to inspect the sewer system! Gemeente Den Haag gaat drones inzetten om riolering te inspecteren from There are over 1,700 kilometers (just over 1,000 miles) of sewers in the city. The city is fairly ambitious – their plan is to combine work on the sewers below with any needed work on the ground above, to save costs.

And here you thought you wouldn’t read about sewers today. You thought wrong.

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