3,600 fines and 25 arrests (Or: First curfew in the Netherlands)

As noted, the Netherlands currently has a curfew from 21:00 to 04:30 every day through 9 February. Last night there were 3,600 fines issued and 25 arrests (article from nos.nl in Dutch, with a lot more detail than the English language articles which have been posted so far today).

The YouTube video at the bottom of the linked article is funny. You see some police canvassing the area for anyone breaking the curfew when a cyclist comes into view. You see him stop for a moment and try to think about what he can do. Can he turn around? Should he still try to go past? Eventually he decides to cross to the other side of the street and then make a break for it. The cyclist ignores a police officer’s request to stop. Of course the police agent has a motorcycle with him, so he simply gets on that and chases after the cyclist (off frame, unfortunately).

As noted in the article above, there was also unrest in a small town name Urk. It is a deeply religious town known for its fishing trade. About 96% of the 20,000 residents are protestant. There was also unrest in Urk in November and December. This time the youth set a corona test street located in the harbor on fire. The only other major incident played out in a small town called Stein, close to the Belgium border, with minor protests also occurring in Amsterdam and Amersfoort.

Amsterdam en Eindhoven nemen maatregelen vanwege signalen gewelddadig protest, also from nos.nl in Dutch. The area around Museumplein in Amsterdam and Eindhoven’s city centre have been labeled as “safety risk areas” today so that police need less cause to search anyone in the area. This step has been taken because there are rumors that both places will see illegal protests this afternoon.

In beeld: Nederland uitgestorven door avondklok from nos.nl in Dutch. The article shows images of a very empty, quiet Netherlands last night after the curfew came into effect. I especially like the aerial photos.

In Utrecht klinkt vanaf morgen de avondklok elke dag letterlijk from rtvutrecht.nl in Dutch. The article talks about a church in Utrecht’s city centre. The church bells ring at 21:55 every night. Originally this was to signal that the city gates were about to close for the evening, but this tradition has persisted even in modern times. Now the bells will ring at 20:55 every night, to warn residents that the curfew is about to begin.

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