More curfew drama (Or: Riots in 10+ municipalities)

Yesterday I mentioned that during the first night of the curfew (Saturday until Sunday) there were incidents in two small Dutch towns, Urk and Stein. There were a few other minor skirmishes reported, but nothing too crazy.

And then there was yesterday.

There were rumors that Eindhoven and Amsterdam would see some unrest in the afternoon, but things got worse later in the evening. Curfew riots in at least 10 municipalities; 190 arrested in Amsterdam from Including a group of rioters who tried to force their way into a hospital in Enschede (?! Why!). Luckily they weren’t successful.

Most of the damage was to the train station in Eindhoven. Check out this video at The Guardian:
Anti-lockdown rioters clash with Dutch police in the Netherlands. And seriously, why do train station pianos always get trashed?

The news isn’t all bad though. Here’s a video of residents in Eindhoven helping with clean up this morning:

“Dozens of Eindhoven residents armed with brooms arrived at the Station plaza this morning to help clean up the damage after yesterday’s riots. ‘Extremely sad” says one of the volunteers.”

We’ll see what tonight brings. There are rumors that there will be more rioting tonight. My plan: stay inside (there IS a curfew after all, people!) and drink some hot chocolate. What more could you want?

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