Snow by the Buitenhof (Or: Waiting to buy fish)

Here is a look at the snow by the Buitenhof earlier this week:

The small building in front of the tree in the photo is a fish stand, and yes, there was a line of people waiting to buy fish. How very Dutch.

And I spotted some weird headlines recently, all from

Man arrested for calling cops 100 times. Apparently he was unhappy with their IT technology. Somehow I don’t think tying up their phone lines will help.

Man fined after breaking ice on Amsterdam canal. Don’t mess with the ice in canals when Dutchies are hoping to get some ice skating in. Officially he was fined for violating the sailing ban, not breaking the ice. (I read on that he was fined for sailing in the wrong direction.)

Weird snowman sends Amsterdam police responding to reports of dead body, complete with a photo of the “dead body” in question. I guess you could think it was a dead body, if you look quickly or something…

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