Walking in the sun (Or: Spring has arrived)

I briefly paid a visit to the grocery store this morning, enjoying the moments of sun on my face. How nice it is to feel the sun again! We also opened the bedroom window to get a bit of fresh air in the apartment.

We are not there yet, but: Events to take place again with rapid testing and a CoronaCheck app from nltimes.nl. The government wants to start experimenting with small-scale events to see how it goes. Tomorrow there will be a football game with 1,500 fans separated into six “bubbles” with different rules (article from rtlnieuws.nl in Dutch). For example, bubble #1 has the following rules: wear a face mask unless sitting, restaurants and cafés are available at all times, seat placement is determined in advance but you can sit next to other participants, etc.

One of the key requirements for starting events again in the summer is that testing must be scaled up to at least 400k a day, with a test certificate available for checking via a CoronaCheck app. Of course, keep in mind the Netherlands is also holding general elections next month so it looks good if they announce initiatives like this.

In other, random news: if you want to see map of all the trees in The Hague, check out the “Haagse Bomen app” at ddh.maps.arcgis.com. Larger green circles denote older trees, whereas purple and orange circles denote “monumental” trees, with orange ones owned by the city and purple ones owned by a private citizen. Most of the monumental trees are in the city centre.

Above is a 2013 photo of the tree next to Grote Kerk (Big Church) in The Hague. According to the app website it is 120 years old!

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