Only minor changes (Or: Dutch press conference, 8 March)

There was another press conference tonight, as usually happens one week before rules are set to expire. Not much is changing, however.

  • The curfew (21:00 to 04:30) will stay in place until 30 March
    • There is an exception for 15-17 March if you are outside due to the elections (you just voted, you are an election worker, etc.)
  • From 16 March: up to four adults can exercise together outside, if you keep 1.5 meters distance from each other.
  • From 16 March: swimming lessons for children will restart (very important for a country with so much water)
  • From next week: stores larger than 50 square meters can allow one customer per 25 square meters, provided they made an appointment at least 4 hours in advance. The maximum number of customers at one time is 50.
  • Nursing home residents can have up to two visitors per day, with differing visitors allowed during the week, provided all residents and staff are completely vaccinated. Previously they could only have one visitor per day, and it was the same visitor per week.
  • The “negative advice” on traveling out of the country is extended to 15 April. At the press conference on 23 March they will announce the decision for travel during the May and summer vacations.
  • If the number of cases, the R number and the number of hospital intakes don’t rise, the government will look into opening restaurants terraces (outside dining) from 31 March. If, if, if. In that scenario higher education students would also be able to go to school once a week.
  • In the next few months the government is looking into the possibility of allowing quick tests to be sold for use in businesses and education. They could also be sold at drug stores for home use.

So, there are ome changes, but it is mainly looking towards the next month or two to see what is possible once more of the population is vaccinated. Check out the vaccination situation at the official Dutch corona dashboard (in English).

See also: Current lockdown will be gone by July; Terraces could reopen March 31 from

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