Libraries will open again soon! (Or: Probably… Hopefully…)

The news outlets reported some really good news last night. During the corona debate, the prime minister agreed that it was unfair that you could buy a book from a bookstore but not loan one from a library. Bookstores reopened under step 1 of the re-opening plan, but libraries were not scheduled to open until step 3. That step is tentatively scheduled for 9 June. Therefore the government agreed that if the numbers allow it, libraries could also open next week in step 2.

The Hague’s library system confirmed that they would open from Thursday, May 20 if step 2 is allowed to go ahead:

I am just hoping to be able to check out books (in an appropriate socially distanced manner, of course) but I am sure a lot of patrons are hoping that they would be able to go to the library to study. This was a possibility before the libraries closed in December, if you had a reservation in advance.

Read more at the library’s website (in Dutch).

In other news: The Hague’s football team ADO Den Haag has officially been relegated to a lower classification next year after losing their game to Willem II. They were in the top Dutch league for 13 years. See also: Skirmishes in The Hague with ADO relegation; Vaccination site closed as precaution from

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2 thoughts on “Libraries will open again soon! (Or: Probably… Hopefully…)

  1. Blewbird

    That’s nice, because I’ve reread all of my interesting books already. Thing is: libraries are not especially known for their ventilation policies. We need fresh air to combat COVID:

    • I started downloading books from the online bibliotheek app (also audio books). But I do miss print books!

      And what you say about ventilation is definitely true. Library buildings are not created equal. Some have better ventilation then others. Sometimes it feels like this is all a bit of “crossing our fingers and hoping for the best”…

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