Sculptures on the Lange Voorhout (Or: 2021 exhibition from Pulchri Studio)

Marco and I checked out the exhibition that it is going on right now over on the Lange Voorhout. The exhibition, from Pulchri Studio (official website in Dutch), will be available through 14 September. Since it is on public ground you can visit it whenever you want, day or night.

This sculpture is near the beginning of the exhibition (depending on where you enter the Lange Voorhout, of course).

This sculpture is topical – it is someone balancing upside down on a coronavirus.

I will admit – I was mesmerized by the shade of blue, which worked perfectly (in my opinion) with the brown metal color.

Just a tree. Or is it?

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3 thoughts on “Sculptures on the Lange Voorhout (Or: 2021 exhibition from Pulchri Studio)

  1. Blewbird

    Bjoetiful! After last year I was afraid the exhibition wouldn’t be continued. Have to go there after my second vaccination! Thanx for your pictures!

    • The exhibitors said that one of the main themes was freedom (being able to view things whenever you want because it is publicly available, also freedom of movement after a lockdown) so I think they were thrilled to be able to do another one. There’s definitely some more that I didn’t post on the blog or take pictures of, so you haven’t been completed spoiled. 🙂

      Here is hoping your second vaccination comes quickly!

      • Blewbird

        June 30, so that’s OK. Freedom sits somewhere between the ears. Youŕe doing great. Have fun!.

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