Black Saturday (Or: European traffic woes)

Today is Black Saturday. That is the busiest day of the year on European roads, especially in France. Around lunchtime today the busiest road in France, the Route du Soleil, saw travelers waiting in a 6 hour traffic jam (article from in Dutch). This happens because most Europeans travel south for vacation, Parisians now also have vacation, and the first group of vacationers are now traveling back north. Travelers think if they leave on Friday evening they will have better luck. But no: there was also a 1,000+ kilometer traffic jam then.

In other news: Amazon is slowly increasing its presence in the Netherlands (article also from in Dutch). For some years was only a place to buy Dutch e-books from Amazon. In early 2020 became the “traditional” website. They have now opened a distribution center outside of Schiphol airport. (what I always refer to as the “Dutch Amazon”) still has three times the market share, however. They also have pickup points at Albert Heijn grocery stores which is a big plus for me.

Netherlands unlikely to introduce compulsory vaccination from in English. I can only imagine the protests at Malieveld and across the country if they tried.

Dutch robot arm attached to international space station ISS from in English. The robot arm was built in nearby Leiden.

City council member quits after sleeping through online meeting; “I saw the cat more often” says colleague also from We will just put that in the “opps” category…

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