Apparently this is a normal summer (Or: Cold and wet)

Okay, I do remember summers being colder back when I first moved to the Netherlands back in late 2012. But after that it was a handful of years with warm (or even hot) summers and a distinct lack of rain. Rain seems to be a lot less annoying these days, considering we are working from home so often. You usually don’t have to be somewhere at a certain time. So that is a plus for this weird year. I am not looking forward to the first commute in pouring rain. Or running for the tram and still missing it.

Showers and cooler days: First normal summer in NL in years from I don’t mind too much, but I was thinking this morning that I have only gone outside a few days this year without a jacket on…

Back in June, the Netherlands decided to vaccinate all sailors who were Dutch or flew on a ship under a Dutch flag at Rotterdam’s harbor. This week the program has been expanded to any sailor, regardless of whether they are Dutch or on a ship flying under the Dutch flag. Ten thousand J&J vaccinations have been set aside for this two month pilot. See also this article in English at

And for the “opps” category: Brandweer redt vrouw die huissleutels was vergeten en op dak was geklommen from, obviously in Dutch. The fire department had to rescue a woman who had forgotten her keys and climbed onto the roof to try an attic window. Unfortunately for her (or fortunately every other day) the window was locked and she was too scared to climb down afterwards. Her neighbors called the fire department to help her get down.

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