Let’s go racing! (Or: Formula 1 preparations in Zandvoort)

Formula 1 is coming back to the Netherlands this year, the first time since 1985. It will be held in the dunes of Zandvoort. The race should have happened last year, however due to Covid-19 the Dutch Grand Prix organizers decided to pull out of the racing schedule rather than have a race without fans. Fast forward to this month, where the organizers are (cautiously) planning for 105,000 visitors a day on 2, 3 and 4 September.

My favorite part to read about is the preparations the national Dutch train company has put in place for this event. At the moment 2 to 6 trains arrive in Zandvoort (a beach town) every hour. During the F1 event, 12 trains will arrive every hour, one every 5 minutes. In that way 10,000 people can be transported to the race every hour. That infrastructure did not exist before the F1 deal was signed; it was built in the last few years. During the race weekend the area will all but be inaccessible by car – you would need a special pass to reach it, even if you are just trying to visit the beach. So, the train is definitely the way to go.

Zandvoort preparing for Grand Prix despite Covid restrictions from nltimes.nl. There is of course a bit of uncertainty in the air, since last minute Covid restrictions could put a stop to the plans to be at full capacity. Since the Grand Prix is categorized as a sporting event and everyone has assigned seating, being at full capacity is currently allowed. That might change between now and the beginning of September, depending on how the Covid situation develops in the Netherlands. At the moment cases are decreasing at an average of 40-45% per week, so that is very good news. But you never know.

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5 thoughts on “Let’s go racing! (Or: Formula 1 preparations in Zandvoort)

  1. Blewbird

    I just think of all the noise and all the exhaust fumes that will pollute our precious dunes. A few km’s to the north is another great hazard, called Tata Steel. Believe me, Zandvoort is just no place for F1!

    • That is a very good viewpoint. I try to look at as a revenue stream for the area (restaurants, hotels, etc) especially as that revenue was lost last year. Hopefully it will at least increase the awareness of the dunes to a larger audience!

      • Blewbird

        A proper Dutch summer would cause a major revenue stream in Zandvoort:-)

        • Haha! True. Though at least we are getting a *bit* more rain this summer… (good for the plants and trees I suppose).

  2. The track was in use almost every day in July, almost every other day in the months before that. While those events aren’t as big as a F1 race I don’t think these 3 days of racing will be the pollution tipping point. Bigger concern would be the influx of people but heh it’s not like Zandvoort isn’t overcrowded in the summer anyways.

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