August (Or: Did you know it is already time for Sinterklaas?)

Marco and I visited Action today. Action (English Wikipedia) is a cheap store, kind of like Dollar General in the US without saying everything is a dollar.

Imagine my surprise (okay, not really) when we saw that Action was selling kruidnoten (English Wikipedia) already. Although I know Roger already saw some at the beginning of this month. Kruidnoten is a hard cookie-like confectionery sold in the time leading up to the Sinterklaas holiday on 5 December. These days it starts appearing in August, and 2021 was no exception.

They also had other Sinterklaas items for sale:

And not to be left out, they had some Halloween items, although (as I always say) Halloween is not as popular in the Netherlands as it is in the United States.

And, oh my god, also Christmas items. Luckily this was all they had so far. And yes, I did have a look to see if there was anything super cute, just in case! (There wasn’t.)

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2 thoughts on “August (Or: Did you know it is already time for Sinterklaas?)

  1. It doesn’t surprise me. I haven’t been shopping lately, but I am sure I saw some Christmas stuff in the dollar store the other day.

    • Heh, yeah. I’m not against it, per se. It just looks a bit weird. Although perhaps it is not as weird after a cool and wet summer. Imagine seeing Christmas decorations when it is 30+ Celsius outside!

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