A bit of green in the city (Or: Park in Rijswijk)

Rijswijk is a small town not far from The Hague, 15 minutes by tram. It is also where I got my first two corona vaccinations last summer. I visited again yesterday, taking a walk through a small park not far from the Rijswijk Central train station. That way I could enjoy the sunshine a bit more. Here are some of the photos I took:

Who needs a net for the basketball hoop? The train station (English Wikipedia) is in the background. Well, the glass pyramids are visible, anyway. The tracks themselves are underground.

I don’t think you are supposed to walk under the vines above, but considering there is a small dirt path there it looks like some people have tried. It is an interesting piece of nature, that’s for sure.

A handful of birdhouses (on the pole) with residential housing behind.

An area with outdoor seating – there is similar seating around other edges of the circle, making this a good place to hold a performance or poetry slam.

It is an interesting park; a bit bare at times, but that quality helps it look more natural.

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