Up, up and away (Or: The Art of DC comics exhibition in Groningen)

While in Groningen Marco and I also visited the Art of DC comics exhibition (official website in English) at Forum Groningen. The forum is a multipurpose building which includes exhibition space, a cinema, a library, a café and more. It’s not a good place if you’re afraid of heights, though. It has about 7-8 floors and lots of escalators. And of course the escalators aren’t on top of each other, so when you’re on floor 5 going to floor 6, there’s 5 floors of nothingness directly below you. Hmph. You can get an idea of what I mean by checking this link (alamy.com, it’s an image bank site).

Here are some pictures of the costumes. You can see the difference in suits as the years pass – at first quite basic, and then more intricate suits as the years go by (actually, this image doesn’t even show the first superman suit they had on display).

Below, one of the Batman costumes and some of the villain costumes.

And a Catwoman suit (apparently the one worn by Michelle Pfeiffer)

And, one final image, to show that it wasn’t all about costumes – notes on drawing Harley Quinn.

It was a nice exhibition. We got a bit lucky and went at a time when it wasn’t that crowded, so we could take all the time we wanted. Although I mostly have images of costumes and props for this blog, there was of course a lot of comics showing DC’s evolution through the years. I would say 80% of the exhibition was about Batman and Superman and 20% was about the rest of DC (Wonder Woman, Suicide Squad, The Flash) at the end of the exhibition. The emphasis was definitely on the movie universe and not on the comics, though.

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