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Spotted at Big Bazar (Or: Playmobile for the 21st century)

Marco and I had a bit of time to kill this weekend so we decided to buy a few things at Big Bazar, a discount store. We were in the toys section when Marco spotted an interesting Playmobile set:


That’s right – there is a bank robbery in progress! And the side of the box shows the ATM and how you *ahem*… withdraw money from it.


Playmobile is actually kind of cool. But I’ll always be a LEGO kind of girl.

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Funny sayings (Or: Tiles at Big Bazar)

A few weeks ago Marco and I were at a Dutch store called Big Bazar. One of the bins was full of tiles with sayings on them – who knows what culture had them first – translated into Dutch.

tiles on sale at Big Bazar

Ervaring is leren van je fouten. Sommige mensen hebben veel ervaring!

Experience is learning from your mistakes. Some people have a lot of experience!

Love is in the air… Jammer genoeg kan ik niet vliegen.

Love is in the air… Unfortunately I can’t fly.

(jammer genoeg = unfortunately/sadly/regrettably)

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