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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas (Or: Wait, what? Really?)

Marco and I went to Marks and Spencer for coffee and noticed along the way that the Christmas items were out. It’s not November yet, but I am sure Christmas items have been out by American stores for at least a few weeks. Halloween and Thanksgiving be damned, of course.

I have to admit that the Christmas tree cookie by the coffee was a nice, cute touch:

Christmas tree cookie and coffee, Marks and Spencer

And the Christmas section included ornaments, Christmas cards and wrapping paper and snow globes and…

Christmas items by Marks and Spencer in The Hague 2015

I didn’t buy anything. But I do like looking. Marco, the good husband that he is, rolled his eyes politely but came along.

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Lemon cake part two (Or: Marks and Spencer)

A while back I had taken a picture of the lemon cake at Marks and Spencer (which opened this year in The Hague). However the lighting wasn’t that great. So here it is again, as Marco and I went back last weekend…

lemon cake and coffee by Marks & Spencer in The Hague

lemon cake, small coffee, large cappuccino

The lemon cake is actually quite sour, especially the top layer. The trick is the slightly wet-looking area just below the icing and dark brown layer. Quite sour! Definitely recommend trying it out if you enjoy sour items.

And now I want lemonheads

bag of lemonheads sour candy

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Sour lemon cake (Or: Surprises at Marks & Spencer)

So as I mentioned in previous blog posts, Marks & Spencer has been open since February 20th in The Hague. I’ve been there three times now and still haven’t stopped to look at the clothes… I guess it really revolves around the British food offerings.

Marco and I decided to head over there at lunchtime for some coffee. I staked out a table (a requirement usually, as it’s still pretty busy) while he went to get coffee for me and a cappuccino for him. He also came back with lemon cake. (Side note: they had a lot of different cakes and more hearty foods like the British fish & chips and the Dutch toasties, but less things in the middle like croissants).

coffee at Marks & Spencer Den Haag

coffee and cappuccino (the lemon cake is hiding in the shadows to the right)

The lemon cake was definitely a surprise in terms of sourness. I love sour candy, so for me that is a pleasant surprise. The top was covered in icing which was definitely the highlight for sourness, but even the cake itself was still pretty sour. I still pucker my lips just thinking about it!

The cafe itself is on the top floor. All of the tables are by the window, although it might have been better to make the seating area a bit bigger to get more tables in there as it is usually pretty busy. Due to the way the building is constructed you don’t have the best of views outside (Hema is still the best for people watching) so here it is mostly to sit and bask in the sun while the time of day is right.

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Marks & Spencer is back (Or: Time for cake)

Last Thursday, Marks & Spencer opened its doors in the heart of The Hague. It is a British retail chain that used to have a few stores in the Netherlands (including in The Hague and Amsterdam) though it closed its doors years ago. Unfortunately (or fortunately, due to the crowds) I was at work so I did not check it out until this past weekend. Marco and I went on Sunday, right when they opened at 12PM. The crowds, geez! We checked out the food section, but it was pretty hard to move around. We did spy this crazy cake, however:

Marks and Spencer cake

The box reads “extremely chocolatey loaded party cake”

Looks pretty delicious, but I suspect anyone who eats it would be instantly diagnosed with diabetes afterwards. We didn’t have much time to take any other photos – it really was quite crowded and we did not stay that long. Perhaps next time. I am interested in going there to have a cup of coffee – though it might be a few months before the place calms down a bit. The chain does seem to have a bit of a cult following…

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