Marks & Spencer is back (Or: Time for cake)

Last Thursday, Marks & Spencer opened its doors in the heart of The Hague. It is a British retail chain that used to have a few stores in the Netherlands (including in The Hague and Amsterdam) though it closed its doors years ago. Unfortunately (or fortunately, due to the crowds) I was at work so I did not check it out until this past weekend. Marco and I went on Sunday, right when they opened at 12PM. The crowds, geez! We checked out the food section, but it was pretty hard to move around. We did spy this crazy cake, however:

Marks and Spencer cake

The box reads “extremely chocolatey loaded party cake”

Looks pretty delicious, but I suspect anyone who eats it would be instantly diagnosed with diabetes afterwards. We didn’t have much time to take any other photos – it really was quite crowded and we did not stay that long. Perhaps next time. I am interested in going there to have a cup of coffee – though it might be a few months before the place calms down a bit. The chain does seem to have a bit of a cult following…

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One thought on “Marks & Spencer is back (Or: Time for cake)

  1. Marco

    I had the day off on Thursday and went there and picked up some food items.
    They are definitely playing up to that ‘cult status’ you mentioned because most of the stuff isn’t cheap.
    I mean, 3.50 for some sliced turkey? They are smart to realize turkey isn’t as well known here, so for instance Albert Heijn’s turkey slices are…not that great.
    Now this stuff was better but like I said, not cheap.
    I also picked up some scones and crumpets.
    Because 1-those are awesome words. “scones and crumpets” 2-It’s a nice change of regular breakfast/lunch/tea items and 3- “scones and crumpets” ..heheheheh.

    Obviously half the stuff they have is typical british. Lots of chips with vinegar, sour cream and such.
    Meat pies, scones and crumpets, and much more.
    The other half is just nice food products with their brand on it.
    Oh and apparently there is also a non-food part of the store.

    Scones and crumpets…..

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