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Prime location (Or: MediaMarkt is really in the city centre now)

Last week MediaMarkt moved about 300 meters. Still on Grote Marktstraat, but now it is even closer to the city centre action. MediaMarkt is like a Dutch Best Buy, for my American readers. The new location is in the building which used to house the V&D clothing store (1969-2015) and the Canadian store Hudson’s Bay (2017-2019). Hopefully MediaMarkt has more luck than those two stores did…

It is definitely a prime location, even better than the previous one which was near the end of the Grote Markstraat shopping area. And what picture isn’t accentuated with someone cycling past?

This image is kind of funny – I hadn’t realized the girl in the middle was basically filming herself with MediaMarkt in the background. Maybe she was streaming it to YouTube? Especially with how she is holding her free hand by her face.

I definitely won’t miss the old MediaMarkt location, with its old grimy carpet and horrible stairs. It was either take the horrible stairs or wait for the slowww elevator. Either way, you lost. There’s no carpet in this new location and there are escalators if you want to go to the upper floor. That alone makes it a win in my book.

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Christmas at Media Markt (Or: An inviting tree at the entrance)

A photo of the Christmas tree at the local Media Markt here in The Hague:

Media Markt is “the” electronics store of the Netherlands, a chain that started in Germany. According to Wikipedia, it’s the largest electronics retailer here in Europe, and the second largest worldwide after America’s Best Buy. The one thing to get used to is that most or all of the stores are franchises, so the price might differ between stores.

Media Markt is also known as the place to go during the BTW-vrij week, which usually happens around the end of January. BTW-vrij = Media Markt deducts the taxes from the price so you don’t have to pay it.

Merry (2nd day of) Christmas!

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Media Markt sale (Or: BTW actie 2017)

It must be January again! Every year since I’ve been here, Media Markt has had a sale where they pay the taxes (Dutch: btw, short for belasting toegevoegde waarde) so you don’t have to.

BTW actie 2017

Thursday, January 26, 8am –  Sunday, January 29


Image from – “weg ermee” means get rid of it. op = op means gone = gone (i.e. no rainchecks) 

This year’s BTW vrije dagen (tax free days) start this Thursday at 8am and last through Sunday. Well, the stores are open from 8am. If you really want to avoid the crowd, you can purchase items online from midnight onwards. And there is a crowd! It’s not quite like America’s Black Friday shopping, but it still makes me want to leave almost right away. If you plan right it can be fun, though.

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Kiss the tax goodbye (Or: Media Markt’s 2016 BTW actie)

For a few days at least…

Tomorrow (from 6pm Wednesday the 27th through Sunday the 31st) begins Media Markt’s “btw-vrij actie” for 2016. Media Markt is one of the larger electronics stores in the Netherlands. In this country, tax is included in the price listed, rather than added on at the register. During this sale, most items will be tax-free. There are of course some notable exceptions like Apple products, gaming consoles, movies, computer software… but if you are looking for big ticket appliances like fridges or microwaves, this weekend is your best bet.

Media Markt btw vrij actie

Except of course it still pays to do research beforehand. For one, Media Markt is both an online website and franchise stores, and availability and prices can vary a bit between each franchise. The other reason to do research is that the price you pay at Media Markt without tax might just be the same you would pay at another store with tax.

Oh, and except HUGE crowds that make it all but impossible to navigate through the store. Sort of like America’s Black Friday shopping day, but only at one retailer and marginally more manageable.

Happy shopping!

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Media Markt (Or: BTW-free sale)

The annual sale that Media Markt holds (tax free, or a 21% reduction in price) ended yesterday. This is the sale Marco used last year to get his refrigerator tax free. We went a few times to look at washing machines and sound systems. As you can imagine, the place was a madhouse on Saturday (although this picture was taken a bit earlier in the day when it wasn’t as crowded).

Mediamarkt btw free sale

The savings on big ticket items were pretty substantial (a €600 item would cost only €500), but it was amusing to see toasters for €22 discounted to €18 or so…

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