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Eggnog for the holidays (Or: An American tradition)

A few weeks ago Marco and I went to Kelly’s expat store for eggnog. This is a traditional drink which is served in Canada and the United States during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. It’s a milk drink with egg mixed in. You also have some types with alcohol mixed in as well.

Borden egg nog

We actually picked up this carton for one of my friends, my “taalcoach” (language coach) from SamenSpraak. I’m actually not a fan of eggnog but maybe he will be!

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Turkey AND chicken (Or: Thanksgiving in the Netherlands)

Here is a glimpse of the somewhat simpler Thanksgiving dinner Marco and I had in the Netherlands:


Since a real turkey is a bit harder to find (and cooking one is more annoying!) we got a half chicken from Albert Heijn as well as some turkey breast in the back of the photo. We also had green beans, applesauce, sweet rolls, as well as mashed potatoes and gravy. Let it be known Marco bought potatoes and mashed them himself like a true Dutchie. 😛

So yay – Thanksgiving in the Netherlands!

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