Sand (Or: A moment locked in time

During my first trip to Den Haag (The Hague) in the summer of 2010, possibly even on the first day, we came across sand art near Buitenhof (lit: Outer Court, as it is lies outside the Binnenhof, or Inner Court).

Notice the hand beneath the boat...

The sand art was designed by the World Sand Sculpting Academy.

He looks a bit too stern. Perhaps he is the father of the daughter, and does not approve of either of her suitors?

If you would like to see the above sculpture in the middle of being created, check out this Wikimedia Commons photo. The rough texture of the nearest figure is especially noteworthy.

Musician and his cattle

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2 thoughts on “Sand (Or: A moment locked in time

  1. Marco

    I think the Stern looking guy is Rembrandt van Rijn (painter from things like the Nightwatch) though I might be wrong. Sand people all look alike to me. 🙂
    I do seem to recall they often create famous painters/artists and their work.

  2. Roger

    Yeah, I think i recognized Rembrandt too..

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