Memories (Or: It’s been a quick 5 years)

In October of last year I received an unexpected card from Marco. It was a card in honor of our 5 year “anniversary” since meeting each other the night of October 19, 2006. It’s pretty easy for Marco to remember the date since he went out with a group to the Predators vs Devils hockey game. My flight arrived that night so I didn’t meet him until after the group returned.

The Dutch card Marco sent me in October

You have stolen my heart. Look! It’s completely gone. For you.

On the inside of the card he writes: “Today is October 16th. That means it is 3 days removed from our 5 year anniversary of first meeting one another. I’m sure neither of us realized how important that day would become. šŸ™‚ And there were so many random factors at play that helped us to meet & hang out. … Anyways, I’m happy you walked into my life. I don’t plan on letting you walk out of it. xoxo. So let me wrap this card up in Dutch: Ik hoop dat je de kaart leukt vindt. (I hope you like the card.)”

The stamp on the card

Within a week of us meeting (and after he returned to the Netherlands) I had him setting his alarm for 1AM just to talk to me online. That’s apparently how cool I am! I also used to stay up late to see him after he woke up for his job, but those days are sadly behind me.

In other news, I must admit that I am very glad that the predicted snow we were supposed to get yesterday didn’t even stick to the streets. I am sure that the predicted 2 inches did fall… it just didn’t stay. Keep in mind that I am the person who is required to open the library 6 out of 7 days if the college closes, and you’ll understand why this makes me happy. I also live on a fairly steep hill, so getting to the bus stop can be… interesting in the winter.

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2 thoughts on “Memories (Or: It’s been a quick 5 years)

  1. Margriet Brouwer

    hallo Nicky,

    I did not know Marco was so romantic! But it’s nice, look forward to your new stories!


  2. Marco

    I’d define myself as a casual-yet-sneaky romantic. I like to surprise her every now and then with something unexpected. Don’t do what’s expected but give it a twist. Like sending a Valentine’s Day card in January, and having it say “When I think of you, every day is Valentine’s Day”

    Of course this will come and haunt me. “I demand attention!! Remember when you said EVERY day would be special? Where’s my chocolate?!”

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