Popocatepetl restaurant (Or: Finger lickin’ good)

Something I have found interesting about my three trips to the Netherlands is how many non-Dutch restaurants there are out there. Which makes sense, since there are so many immigrants in the country.

One of the restaurants we visited (two or three times?) was Popocatepetl in the Hague, a Mexican restaurant. I have no idea how to pronounce that, so I just call it Popo (it’s their nickname; even the website is Popo.nl). You can even take a peek at the menu.

A small card from the Popocatepetl restaurant

The last time I was there I had the ribs. This is definitely an out of character choice for me since I hate getting messy. But it was really, really good. Of course I knew Marco was probably thinking I wasn’t tearing enough meat off the bone, but hey.

Let me tell you – I used every square millimeter of the napkin they gave me, flipping over, inside out, and more. You also get a small dish of water to clean your fingers with.

I think dessert was just a cup of coffee (not sure if I got any of the special flavors they offer), but that was also good. That is one thing I like about the Dutch – the tendency to drink coffee after dinner. Lately I’ve been on a tea kick – even buying tea in a Chinatown shop a few weeks ago. I still need to sample those!

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One thought on “Popocatepetl restaurant (Or: Finger lickin’ good)

  1. Marco

    I think you started digging into the rib more as we progressed. Maybe your animalistic instincts kicked in and you started enjoying the messy eating? 🙂

    But yes I was amused. It was a lot easier to eat like that than one time you tried to get the meat off those drumsticks using knife and fork.
    As for dessert…at that time you were “just” my girlfriend so you were entitled to 50% of the pineapple+ice cream that I had. And then we had coffee after that, yes.

    One of the reasons (I assume) why we Dutchies embrace food from so many cultures is because over the centuries we’ve always been in touch with other cultures. Either we visited them and ransacked their food/valuables (sorry world) or they came here for trading (and later for work) So we were never afraid to try new things. It’s sort of like New York, a melting pot of cultures.

    Oh and traditional Dutch cuisine can get kind of boring after a while.
    Potatoes + veggie A. Potatoes + veggie B. Potatoes + veggie C. Repeat and rinse.

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