Unexpected surprises (Or: Welcome to Holland)

In an earlier post, I detailed the day I arrived in the Netherlands for the first time. But there was one surprise waiting for me that I have not mentioned yet – in fact, it was even a surprise to Marco.

Sign within Marco’s apartment (from his Mom)

It’s about a ten minute walk from the train station to Marco’s place. When we opened his front door, we were greeted with the image shown above on one of the internal doors in Marco’s place. Unbeknownst to Marco, his mom had used her key to get into his place — not that rare of an occurrence when she needs to drop off stuff, though. She had left some stuff taped up on the door as well as a teddy bear on the bed in his bedroom.

As you can see, she hits on a lot of main points. You have the typical Delftware Dutch shoes, the typical Delftware Dutch couple kissing, a red-white-and-blue lei to represent the country’s colors, and even an orange lei to represent the color Dutch are typically known for, especially within sports.

And the blue roses, well… she knows I like blue roses. That is a reference to Tennessee Williams’ play “The Glass Menagerie“, where the main character’s nickname is “Blue Roses”.

All and all, a very sweet and unexpected thing on my first trip.

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