Stolen bicycle seats (Or: That’s a new one)

When Roger came back from Amsterdam yesterday, he found something missing.

His bicycle seat.

One bicycle, no seat

Apparently they really do take whatever isn’t nailed down. The bike was nailed down, but the seat wasn’t. I am happy to report, however, that the problem has already been fixed (at cost to him of course :/) ! And this time with a seat that isn’t quite as easily removable…

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3 thoughts on “Stolen bicycle seats (Or: That’s a new one)

  1. Obviously Roger’s bike seat was better than the one they had. He’s fortunate they left him his bike. But that’s Amsterdam sorry to say. Virginia

    • Actually it happened in the Hague (he takes the train into Amsterdam). But the bike was locked down… so they took the one thing they could actually take, it seems!

  2. To be honest, it was sort of amusing in a way.. like a ‘wth.. really?’ type of thing… Was dreading going to get a new one though cos well, you know me, i really like to do next to nothing on my day off. It all went smoothly though except for the 50 euro price tag.. *smile*

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