Waiting, waiting (Or: Random bus observations)

How does one work 9 hours and manage not to get more than 5 minutes total on their own project? (Answer: It happens. I am sure I am not the only one.)

1. One of the more annoying things about working a later schedule (besides working a later schedule!) is that the time between when my shift ends and when the bus arrives is longer.

2. Today’ s total wait: 45 minutes

3. Bus drivers really know how to drive slow when they want to. I thought there was no way we would miss that green light (on an internal road with no one around, too), but we did.

4. The person sitting in the row in front of me put their seat back (this is fine, they weren’t directly in front of me). But this did mean I could see their phone. Over about 6-7 minutes, they set 3 phone calls from “Job” to ignore. I can’t even comprehend that. Although maybe they had already worked 12 days straight and work was calling to ask them to come in tomorrow too…

5. All of the sudden I realized the windshield wipers were in use. Oh boy, rain for the 4th day straight? But it didn’t seem too bad.

6. As I got to my stop and was getting off the bus, the passenger in front of me ignored a 4th phone call from “Job”. Heh.

7. Hello drizzle. Halfway home, it starts raining harder. Hello power walking.

8. Cold, wet. But then, home. Warm. A late dinner. Good times.

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One thought on “Waiting, waiting (Or: Random bus observations)

  1. Marco

    And now a long weekend! 🙂

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