Errand day (Or: One melted laundry basket)

I randomly took the day off today. At least, I took it off from work — not errands. I walked downtown to do a load of laundry, went to the bank, vacuumed, cleaned the bathroom and kitchen, and went to the library. A few days ago I had received an email from the local library that both of the Dutch books arrived (mentioned here). As they are closed Sat-Sun-Mon for the upcoming Memorial Day holiday, today was the last chance to nab them.

After I picked up my holds I took them to the seating area to read the first part of My ‘Dam Life. What I read before I left the library seemed pretty interesting, so hopefully I will be able to spend some time reading more over the weekend.

Have you ever seen a melted laundry basket?

One very melted laundry basket. I wonder what its story is?

As I was waiting for the wash cycle to finish on my laundry, a gentleman walked in carrying the above basket and asked the employee working there if she could have the laundry done by 4pm that day. I stopped and stared at the basket. It definitely had seen better days…

Last random anecdote: As I was walking home from the library, I stopped and said hi to an older gentleman who sometimes sits outside one of the local bars. He inquired about the books that I was holding, so I mentioned that I was trying to learn more and the Netherlands and its culture. He said “Ah! Sprechen sie Deutsch?”

I decided to just nod and smile politely.

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One thought on “Errand day (Or: One melted laundry basket)

  1. Poor, sad laundry basket. But it has not been thrown away. Perhaps it is loved. We can only hope. Virginia

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