Birthdays (Or: Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!)

Tomorrow is the birthday of Marco’s mother, so today Marco and her went out to eat at Sumo, a Japanese restaurant.

But Marco devised a scheme – before she arrived, he and I would start up a videochat, and then surprise her. I will say that when she arrived, it was nice to hear her voice again (off screen), with its Dutch accent and happy nature showing through. He asked her to open up my card. After she read it to herself, he took the card back and repeated what I had said in English, line by line. She translated it into Dutch to show that she understood what I was saying.

Afterwards, at an opportune moment he had me say “Happy birthday, Henny!” as he turned around the laptop to show her my grinning face. Her reaction was predictable – instantly flustered, for whatever reason! 🙂 Probably suddenly having to speak English! It was nice to speak with her again, since it has been almost a year since I seen her (last August). Marco and her stayed at my place last year for her birthday, so it was hard to be an ocean apart this year.

Here was the wrapped gift:

For gifts I give, I am a believer in bags and tissue paper over wrapped gifts. Not sure why, but I never really was one for wrapping. Probably because my mom did it so well I always asked her to do it.

Here was the gift:

A stuffed tiger and lion from the Bronx Zoo which Roger and I visited this April. To go with the stuffed tiger I got her a few years ago from NYC’s FAO Schwarz.

Note the Bronx Zoo tag around the tiger (so cute!) and a Bronx Zoo reusable bag that they came with behind them.

Happy birthday, Henny!

Gelukkige verjaardag!

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7 thoughts on “Birthdays (Or: Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!)

  1. You are going to be a sweet and caring daughter-in-law. Henny is very fortunate. Virginia

    • Well, it was Marco’s idea… but yeah I had a lot of fun doing the mini videochat ‘scheme’. 🙂

  2. AnonymouslyKnown

    Awwwww…nicely done. Now I want them and the M&M’s!

  3. Well, that is very nice of you and Marco Niki! henny told me this morning about your (her) chat adventure, when I called her to congratulate her. She was happy with the presents she sad 🙂

    • It was a lot of fun and it was nice to see Henny again. Even if it was only through a videochat. 🙂

  4. Henny

    It was big surprise to see you Niki/

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