Holland edition (Or: Euro 2012 m&ms)

If you like m&ms (milk chocolate or peanut) you will like this post! During one of Marco’s shopping trips he came across Holland edition m&ms, for the Euro 2012 tournament.

Holland edition peanut m&ms for Euro 2012… the orange m&m always looks so scared that you are about to eat him.

So much chocolate in one place. I approve.

Red, white and blue for the Dutch flag. Orange because that’s their national sports color.

The set also comes with a brullie, which is head gear sort of like a lion’s mane (since the Dutch “mascot” is a lion). You can see a quick example at this 11 second M&M brullie video.

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2 thoughts on “Holland edition (Or: Euro 2012 m&ms)

  1. M & M’s any colour fabulous, but how wonderful in the Dutchie colours. Nikki when you move to Holland and go shopping at Albert Heinj look for Tomato Asian Soup. It comes in 1 quart cartons and it is wonderful. Virginia

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