Study sessions (Or: Reading Dutch over videochats)

Number of days (straight) I have studied Dutch: 6.

The Dutch learning streak is going well! Today’s fun: reading the previously mentioned children’s book to Marco, page 1, over MSN videochat. I was decent at it, though of course my pronunciation needs improvement. Lots of improvement…

He helped me with some words I didn’t know (and that the small Dutch-English dictionary didn’t have). It’s baby steps, but so far I have read 3 pages of the book. I guess it doesn’t help that I read a page at the end of the night, around 11PM or so. I am usually pretty tired by then. Although usually earlier in the night I am studying over at

Here are two random blog posts I want to highlight today:

Resources for Learning Dutch, by Floating in Dreams

Expat blogs and other expat info, by Adventures in Expat Land

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3 thoughts on “Study sessions (Or: Reading Dutch over videochats)

  1. Hey Niki! Thanks for linking my blog post. Good luck with studying. If you need any other help, just let me know.

  2. Why thank you for sharing my blogroll. Good thing you’re on it!

    • You get a pingback right? I am fairly new to linking to other blogs and am curious if I am doing it right.

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