Trouble approaching (Or: Passive voice in Dutch)

Over at, the latest two sections that I have studied include using passive voice and the imperative commands (geef me chocolade! nu!).

I just know the passive is going to be trouble in Dutch. Particularly because the Dutch use zijn (to be) for the construction of the perfect tenses – i.e.

My hair has been washed = Mijn haar is gewassen.

My hair had been washed = Mijn haar was gewassen.

So the perfect tense uses is/was… which is normally the present tense in English. Uh boy. I can just see me mixing that one up. But everything I learn just makes it easier to figure out things, so I am usually happy to find out some weird quirk like that.

On a random note, one Dutch sentence Marco gave me today had the word sowieso (regardless) in it. I forgot about that word, but I love how it sounds. so-we-so.

I think it is time for me to go crash… not enough sleep last night. Figures!

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