Black dogs (Or: A ‘fraidy cat)

One of my landlord’s older kids (in his 20s) purchased a dog named Smokey for his birthday back in November or so. Lately they have been letting the dog outside more to let him run around, which means that sometimes he is at the gate to greet me when I come home. This works out nicely since the entrance to my place is right near the gate.

It feels like just last month, he wasn’t tall enough to get his head over the gate. It barely came over…

At this point the poor dog realized iTouches are scary things. He wouldn’t come close after this picture. Boo! Hopefully I haven’t scarred him for life. I would miss my little greetings when I come back home.

This dog is so cute. Not that it means I want a dog of my own. This way I get all of the loving with none of the responsibility.

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6 thoughts on “Black dogs (Or: A ‘fraidy cat)

  1. We have the same relation with the dog next door. She is a lovely girl. She protects the property. We can have long chats. But we are not responsible for her (except when her Dad goes away for a holiday). Perfect way to have a dog Nikki. Virginia

  2. So cute indeed! And a white patch over the heart.
    But long nails = needs more walkies on hard surfaces.

    • That dog definitely has some long nails, yes. At least they have been trimmed recently (the nails didn’t gouge into my arm as much this time). He likes to balance himself by wrapping his paws around your arm rather than on the fence!

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