Translations (Or: Facebook and Dutch statuses)

Over the last few days, it seems I have found another benefit to reading Dutch – suddenly I find that I can translate (most) Facebook status updates to some degree. I have a handful of Marco’s relatives on my friends list, so the amount of Dutch on my Facebook page is slowly creeping up.

Previously I found it a bit hard to log into Facebook and see lots of Dutch, as it just reminded me that I was moving in 7-8 months and still hadn’t gotten as far with the language as I wanted. I first started staring at Dutch books about two years ago, after Marco gave me some Dutch instructional texts. When you do not know the language, it is like staring into an unforgiving wall. Good luck.

The last few days have been a lot better, however. Yesterday was the first day where I was able to translate a decent-sized update completely by myself (and then doublecheck it, of course!) And that begs the question: how long has Facebook had a built-in translate option, anyway?

Of course, I can’t tell you what each and every word means yet, but I get the overall concept behind the sentences. It’s somewhere around picking out the important words, plus understanding some of the prepositions. That’s what gets me through!

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3 thoughts on “Translations (Or: Facebook and Dutch statuses)

  1. Good show Nikki! Virginia

  2. Jacqueline

    Keep it up like this !! I bet you understand already more about the Dutch grammar and everything than some people I know and they already live here for some time now!!! Fun to know that you read our stats on Facebook 😀

    • Thanks! I think I’ve been on Facebook more in the last few weeks already than the first part of this year. ;p

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