Note taking (Or: Deciphering Dutch verbs

Here are some of the notes I took last night for the daily Dutch lesson. This page was talking about gerunds (verbs acting as nouns). In English this is generally verbs that act like nouns and end in –ing (the singing was horrible).

The “issue” with Dutch is they use the infinitive in this case (to sing), so it still looks like a verb. At least to me. 😉 But at least I know what to look for when I am trying to translate items.

Note taking at its finest…

The rest of the page is actually a summary of all verb types learned in that particular section. The thing that I remember most about the imperative (commands) section is that the English phrase “Let’s” (Let us…) is actually “Let we…” in Dutch. Laten we zingen. Let’s sing. (Rather than Laten ons zingen).

I generally transcribe most of what says for each section; I don’t leave out much. That is because I tend to learn best by writing it out myself, rather than constantly referring back to the original source. But each person is different!

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2 thoughts on “Note taking (Or: Deciphering Dutch verbs

  1. You are one clever girl Nikki. Not only is it hard to learn Dutch grammar how about trying to speak it. You are very enterprising. Virginia

    • Well I could never do it without Marco’s help. 😉 And I still have a hard time stringing any sentence together on the fly. But I am getting there.

      Thank you!

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