Snow (Or: I wish)

Maybe if I post a picture of snow, it will snow tomorrow. (Yes, Marco. I understand that in the winter I want summer and in the summer I want winter.)

You know you live in the  boondocks when there is only one train track for both directions… January 2012

Maybe this is what the train station will look like in December when we leave for the Netherlands!

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2 thoughts on “Snow (Or: I wish)

  1. Marco

    Maybe it will snow here in the Netherlands (I mean, it’s not like we’re not used to water falling out of the sky) and we sneak into the country a day early, have to crawl through snow covered gardens to remain unseen and surprise everyone by just showing up on their doorsteps.

    That might be a different blog post all together? 🙂

  2. I’m looking for the snow angels … Virginia

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