Weekends (Or: Flower filled Fridays)

I would take a picture of the flowers outside of my NY apartment, but they have been scorched due to the heat and no longer resemble anything with vibrant color. (However, I feel like doing a cheer… it’s been over a month, but tonight the apartment is finally cooler than 80F/26C.)

So instead, here are some colorful pictures from Madurodam. It’s been a while since I showed any Madurodam photos!

The landscaping of Madurodam is its own reason to visit, in my mind.

Above, a typical kid doing the balance beam routine. It reminds me of the thing children liked to do when I was a kid: don’t step on a sidewalk crack, or you’ll break your grandmother’s back. I like to think I did this perfectly – as no harm ever came to her back.

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3 thoughts on “Weekends (Or: Flower filled Fridays)

  1. Marco

    Random bit of non-flower related Madurodam info:
    It’s been revamped. Lots more ‘interactive’ stuff now for kids. Make a plane take off from mini-Schiphol and that sort of thing.
    No news if the exhibitionist female miniatures are still there.
    Or the figure of the kid and the dyke, just outside of it…


  2. mary

    You might like this song then. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iXMkLRqplHQ

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