Surprise (Or: A little pick-me-up)

You know how sometimes you get spoiled by the little things? Well, one of my weaknesses is bbq sauce. Before I moved to the east coast, I liked a certain sauce sold in my hometown. It was great because it was often on sale at $10 for 10, though it really just meant $1/1 as you weren’t forced to buy in quanities of 10.

And then I moved, but kept the tradition alive by having my parents mail me care packages with some of the “good stuff” inside.

Eventually, I bought a lot of spicy things for one of Marco’s upcoming visits (a jar of jalapenos, hot sauce, jabanero doritos) and also a bottle of “Texas style” bbq sauce which is a more spicy style. And even though it was for Marco, I liked it. And kept buying it for a few years while I lived in New York. Probably a bit too much, since I went through it so quickly.

And then three or four months ago, it disappeared without a trace. Only the original style was left. What a bummer. I found a decent replacement, but it wasn’t the same as it was too sweet for my tastes.

Until today!

Lots and lots of bbq sauce. The crazy thing is there is only two flavors in this picture — mostly Texas flavor (my favorite) and a bit of the original flavor on the eft side.

Yeah, I’m not silly. I took a bottle (note the gap), prior to taking the picture just in case a horde of folks snapped up all 100 or so bottles while I was taking the picture. There was at least twice what you see here.

I will get another bottle tomorrow, as I have to go back. That’s the downside to walking to the grocery store – you can’t carry everything in one trip usually. I have a bbq party at work on Tuesday, so I offered to bring some non perishables like napkins, plasticware, and plastic cups.

But the bbq sauce was a nice unexpected treat.

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8 thoughts on “Surprise (Or: A little pick-me-up)

  1. Nikki, that really must be some sauce! Virginia

  2. k. mack

    wait until you add some moonshine to it, it gets much better

    • heh. I think you hinted you would get me some homemade bbq sauce before I move… and I am interested to taste it. 😉

  3. Marco

    Yes! Yes! Yes! We win!
    It should be good to tell that I share your appreciation for BBQ sauce.
    I am very un-Dutch and don’t eat mayonnaise at all, but also doesn’t like ketchup, etc.
    The only ‘Dutch’ condiment I like is pindasaus (peanut sauce).
    And our Dutch BBQ sauce is terrible. So you’ve opened a whole new world for me when I first got a taste of the Tangy Open Pit. And the one you got now is good too.

    Reminder: make sure we bring some bottles to NL. 🙂

    • Well, you can thank my parents for keeping the Thick & Tangy Open Pit supply lines open. 😉 Go parents!

  4. Henny

    Peanut sausce is not Dutch, is Indich .Mayonnaise is France.
    Your still a Dutchie,I know it fore sure i ame your Mam.
    Niki hij is een beetje gek alles wat heet (eten) vindt hij lekker.
    (hot food he like it)

    • I tried pindasaus… I think I need to keep trying it. It’s not bad, I just like tangy/salty sauces over sweet sauces.

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