Expensive imports (Or: Twinkies for 15 euros)

When Marco and I dropped my family off at Schiphol airport, we stopped at a shop next to the Starbucks. This shop is known for having a small selection of imported American items, including candy, barbecue sauce, and other less than healthy snacks. Imagine my surprise when I found a 15 euro box of twinkies:

15 euro box of twinkies

Granted, it is a box of 10 twinkies but that still works out to €1.50 per twinkie, or $2. I have also found similar price increases for pop-tarts (English | Dutch) which I have fond memories of being able to get 2 for $5 in America. Here it is €5.50 for one box, although we recently found a €4.50 deal at an Asian supermarket of all places.

The only import place I have visited in The Hague is Kelly’s expat shop which had some interesting stuff with about the prices you expect. Unfortunately sometimes it is easier and cheaper to shop on Amazon UK and have it delivered to the Netherlands. But it’s more fun to go to the stores directly.

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8 thoughts on “Expensive imports (Or: Twinkies for 15 euros)

  1. Marco

    “cheaper to shop on Amazon UK and have it delivered to the Netherlands.”

    Like the 12-pack of Frank’s buffalo wing hot sauce that we got the other day? Woooohooooo! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Josh

    Wow, I have seen some hefty prices on various imports but €15 for some Twinkies, crazy! I’m curious … did you buy them? 🙂 I smiled when you wrote about the pop tarts because it seems Americans either love them or hate them and I was in love with them. I haven’t had a pop tart in quite awhile now but you’re right, you could get two boxes for like $5. What is your favorite flavor? I always chose between unfrosted strawberry (the frosting was just too much for me) or the chocolate chip ones for a snack!

    • Nope, no twinkies for me. I had them sometimes but not that often. Now as a kid I really liked pop-tarts – I was fine with anything chocolateish, frosted version. Of course as a kid I always broke off the side bits and threw those out since there was no frosting on those. :p

      These days my sweet tooth seems to have almost disappeared – I still enjoy sugary snacks occasionally but I seem to be more into salty things. I try not to buy too many potato chip bags since they won’t last as long, for example. 😉

      • Josh

        Yeah, I am not such a big sweets fan either, my wife is, I more so like the salty stuff anymore but limit that as well. I do love some oreos or chocolate chip cookies with milk though! Mmm

  3. Triscuits cost $10 where I live. I remember paying $2 for them 😦

    • I can’t believe most of the prices I have seen for American items, though at least it means we do have access to a supply. 😉 But yeah, usually it’s better to do Amazon UK in bulk. We just got 12 bottles of Frank’s redhot buffalo wing sauce. Hopefully that will last us a few years!

  4. Have you seen the candy corn Oreos? I think they are usually the Halloween edition. I have never tried them but they look pretty crazy…

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