Kruidnoten (Or: Christmas comes earlier every year)

Just like many cultures, the Netherlands has this crazy thing where the Christmas displays and food related items appear earlier and earlier every few years. This year it seems the agreed-upon date for all of the supermarkets was September 1 for Sinterklaas sweets, especially kruidnoten (yum) and gevulde speculaas (double yum – thanks Roger for showing me that one). I made sure my parents went home with a package of that, as it’s a seasonal treat.

At least Albert Heijn realizes that the treats are ending up on the shelves earlier and earlier. Above the seasonal area they had this message:

cant wait for Christmas treats at Albert Heijn

Voor iedereen die kan niet wachten op al het snoopgoed.

For everyone who cannot wait for all of the treats/candy. 🙂

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