More Dutch (Or: Order within irregular verbs)

It seems that I have moved out of the “Other conjugations” section of and into the irregular verbs section. Eek!

At first I was a bit concerned, since you are hit with a longgg list of irregular verbs which never seems to end. But then the following page showed the conjugation patterns, which helped to put things into like groups. So far I worked on two groups: e-ie-o and ie-oo-o.

It just goes on, and on, and…

The verb on the left is the infinitive (i.e. helpen = to help). The next column is for the singular past form, and the following columns (not shown) are for the plural past and the past participle. Those are the main things you need to memorize – single past, plural past, and past participle – since generally the present form is regular and there are only two forms in the simple past (singular and plural).

So basically, the past tense is the culprit. What does is group like verbs together. So helpen, sterven, and werpen are in the same group: e – ie – o.

Infinitive: helpen, sterven, and werpen

Singular past: hielp, stierf*, and wierp

Plural past: hielpen, stierven, and wierpen

Past participle: geholpen, gestorven, and geworpen

* = in this form, v becomes f.

Next step – make flash cards for each group. But not tonight, so maybe this weekend.

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11 thoughts on “More Dutch (Or: Order within irregular verbs)

  1. Good work Niki!! Only i think you forgot an l in hielp. *smile* I am by no means trying to be a wise-ass, just trying to help.

  2. Marco

    Hahah. I remember this from school as well, that we always asked questions about the irregular verbs. “But sir, why is it even considered irregular when seemingly half the verbs belong to this group?”
    Crazy language… 🙂

    • Heh yeah. But I am not going to pull up a list of English irregular verbs… I am sure that is just as insane.

  3. Henny

    I’m agree Marco it is a crazy language.

  4. mmunchkin74

    Yup, very crazy language. You sure know how to pick em niki! Thats what you get for getting engaged to a dutchie.. language insanity..*teehee*

    • English insanity:

      bough (tree limb)
      bow (front of a boat)
      bow (at the waist)
      bow (tied with ribbon)
      bow (shoots arrows)

      Really? 😛

  5. Henny

    Dag Niki .Met mij gaat het goed,en met jou?

  6. Henny

    Ja ,2 vrije dagen.van je werk.Heb een fijn weekend.
    (2days free from your work.Enjoy your weekend)

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