New drink (Or: Coffee cubes and milk)

It had been about a month but I finally decided to try Trpana’s idea about milk with “ice” cubes made of coffee.

Not nearly as pretty as Trpana’s coffee cubes!

Actually, last night was my 2nd attempt. The first time, I only put four coffee cubes in, and the coffee doesn’t melt that fast in milk. This time I put the rest of the ice cube tray in – about 7 or 8. It took about 75 minutes and a glass and a half of milk before they finally melted all of the way.

Amother thing to consider is that even though I normally like my coffee black with no milk or sugar added, this experiment could have done with a bit of sugar in the coffee itself when being brewed. A straw is also pretty handy, to stir it up occasionally.

It was an interesting drink… I am not sure if I will have it again right away, but it definitely had its place.

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2 thoughts on “New drink (Or: Coffee cubes and milk)

  1. Wonder how it will taste with warm milk (since i assume you used cold milk)

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